Friday, 9 September 2011


Hi everyone! :)

How be we all?

So yesterday I had the pictures taken. Hopefully they'll turn out ok. Despite the subject, I have faith - Rob's a great photographer. I should be receiving them back about Tuesday-ish, so it'll be fun to see them. - I'll let you know when I've got them back and will put some up here and on my Facebook page too.

Yesterday I got shown this by the lovely Darren Smith - it's from a really cool music magazine called 'Future Music'. A track that we did together called 'Breath That Lights The Fire' made it into the featured section. - Demo Of The Month! - And what a lovely write-up!

And here's the track...

 Breath That Lights The Fire (2010) by NewAgedTravellers

Exceedingly exciting! :)

Also, the other day I was given a book by my old primary school teacher. It was a book made up of my work from when I was 6. All the work was based around the subject of buildings...what they're made of, different kinds etc....I actually looked through it with Brooke, and it gave her a good giggle.

Especially this...

(6 year old Holly discusses the importance of 'windowws')

( comment! Lol.)

Brooke especially liked the 'donceys' bit. The black pen is my teacher trying to guess what I meant to say.

I think I was away with the fairies. 

For a change! Lol. ;)



Anonymous said...

Well done to you and Darren on the Music Mag piece ~ very exciting!!

I think that work was very good for a 5-6 year old, especially the writing ~ some adults can't write as neatly as that. You were a student of few words even then ...... Once upon a time...3 sentences....THE END ~ still the same now.....unless you're in waffle mode of course ;-)

Larry said...

LOL, that was great! All of it. Just be glad you did not have a last name as hard as mine to learn in the first grade, lol. I still have nightmares about having to learn to write it!

They say 'time flies when you are having fun'. News Break: It flies when you ain't too! :)

Tony said...

Grats on the "Demo of the Month" spread. Is there a possibility the mag would give you 5k for gear? If so then I will keep things crossed for you. Or maybe it was just a "whatif" thingy. Loved the way you blew through the cash anyway hahaha:
"How much do I have left?" :)

Sadly I am about 2 generations away from any true appreciation of the style of music in the track, I just like your voice whatever package it is wrapped in.

I am offering up two awards of my own: Firstly to your old primary school teacher for doing such a wonderful thing for you. She/he gets a Golden Elephant award for knowing that memories are so precious.
Secondly to you goes the Golden Kitten award for almost unbearable cuteness.

Thank you for sharing those treasures with us. I shall never look at (or throo) a windoww or doncey the same way again.
Bigggg Hug.