Thursday, 1 July 2010


Hello everyone :)

I thought I'd better introduce you to the latest member of our family. Her name is Phoebe. Yes, I've given it a name because I'm really cool. ;)


How cool!!! :D

She's a little Ford Fiesta Finesse. (Hence a name beginning with an 'F' sound too.) I got her yesterday. Dad drove her back from the owner's house, with me in the passenger's seat, then we got petrol and I bought an air freshener. Lol. I felt I had to. Not because it was smelly, but it's the kind of thing you buy for a car, and I hadn't had to buy anything for a car before. I also bought a little bear for the dashboard, but he's a bit big for the dashboard really, so I strapped him into the back seat. (Don't say anything.)

After getting the petrol, we drove to a place where I could have a little potter around and get used to the car. And that was fine. I think Dad was a bit worried about getting in the car with me though. And the drive home kind of reinforced the reason to worry. I drove Dad home. It's only about three roads/five minutes away. But in that time I managed to stall twice and put the windscreen wipers on nearly every time I meant to use the indicators. One stall was when I was just setting off, so that wasn't too bad. No one was around. Then one was on the drive at home. Ooooops. Then we got home and had a little chat and after that I drove Dad and I down to the beach and around some roads and stuff, and I was fine then, and I felt more comfortable. It's really just getting used to things in the car, the clutch, indicators etc....they were on the other side in the car that I learnt in. ;)

Then after that I dropped Dad home and drove to the beach again to surprise Ben. He was pretty surprised. Lol. :) I think he was a bit nervous about me driving to start with, but he said he trusts me. We're WELL rebellious really, speeding and everything *cough cough*'s a conversation to prove it...

Holly: "It's hard to believe we're only doing 25mph!" (In a 30mph limit)
Ben: "Yes, it feels much faster!"

Hahaha. :)

It's a really strange feeling suddenly having this freedom. When I was driving on my own last night, I put a CD on and felt like I was in my own little bubble (I was still concentrating and everything, but you know what I mean)...I felt comfortable driving.

The other day I went into HMV and bought Suzanne Vega's latest album - 'Close-Up, Vol 1, Love Songs' and also, 'Retrospective' which is her 'best of' album. I had a listen to the Close Up one straight away - (highly recommend it by the way!) but I thought - I know - I'll save Retrospective and make it the first CD I play when I get a car. I already knew the songs on it, but it's good to have them all on one CD. I didn't know when I'd be getting a car at that time, but I knew/hoped it wouldn't be too far away. If it took longer than a couple of weeks I don't think I could've resisted opening it. But as it happens, it didn't take too long, so I put the CD on and found myself driving along to 'Small Blue Thing'. :)

I'll put up a few photos later. I did take a couple earlier, but they're a bit naff.


OK, here's a photo of her. :)

She's so coooool. :) We're still getting used to each other at the mo, but having fun doing it. :)

TTFN xxxxx


Trevor said...

Well,well,well, a Holly Mobile -- wot larks :D The driving sounds,er,interesting :P Ben has a good sardonic line going on there -- Clearly essential,I should say ;)As for the choice of CD,however,I am truly shocked ! The CD of choice should have been that new one from that really nice,talented girl from the Isle of Wight --- what,s her name.her with that funny French hat thingy and that eccentric cat --you know the one I mean :P

Larry said...

Holly, that is great! I could hardly hold back my own emotion as you brought back my own similar memories. That 'first' car is such a wonderful, exciting and, just plain 'special' milestone of life.
I love her name and I am sure you will take good care of her. And yes, she is indeed your own little bubble. I am so very happy for you! :)

Kestrel said...

Congrats! No stopping you now. A girl with talent and freedom, watch out world.

And don't worry, all Dad's are terrified by their kid's driving. :)

wolfgang said...

Holly, herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Auto! Es scheint mir auch kontinentaltauglich zu sein. Phoebe ist ein sehr schöner Name, passt auch sehr gut zur Fahrerin.

xenonrush said...

Phoebe. Great name for the car. You'll have to write a car song. There are many and they are almost all fun. Have you done the car maintenance course or do you think that there's a little dragon under the bonnet that lives on petrol and oil. And learning to change a flat tyre is important. A friend of CC#2 had a puncture and his girlfriend had to show him how to change the wheel. How embarrassing is that?

Trevor said...

Good idea about the car songs.xeno.Perhaps something along these lines :

Oh Lord won't you buy me a Fiesta Finesse,
My friends all drive Porches,but they're so tasteless.
Work hard doing housework ,
though my room's in a mess,
Oh Lord won't you buy me a Fiesta Finesse .

Apologies of course to Janis Joplin
but it just sounded a little bit better than 'Get your kicks on the A3020 from Cowes to Newport' :)

TimBic said...

Congrats on the car, and also on all your other recent successes!

wolfgang said...


Die Sonne sank in schwarze Weiten,
die Sterne sich am Himmel breiten.
Der Silbermond schleicht um das Haus,
wirft weiße Schatten uns voraus.

Nach außen drängt der Blick, ins Freie,
ins Unbegrenzte, Weite, Neue.
Den Augen folgen so die Flügel,
die hemmt ein Wort nicht und nicht Zügel.

Die Zeit, die sonst wie schwerer Mohn,
die immer wieder zwang in Kreise,
in Schwermut, Zweifel und in Frohn,
sie löst sich auf in eine Weise,

die ewig, ewig klingt und singt,
die bis zum toten Herzen dringt.
Sie löst des Raumes kaltes Band,
und was uns tags noch unbekannt,

nachts ist es uns vertraut, ein Land,
ein Lächeln, Rufen, Winken, Wehen,
ein Augenpaar im Augenpaar,
durchdrungen fähig erst zu sehen.

Nenn's Phoebe, nenne es den Mond,
nenn's Traum, nenn's Liebe!
Wirf tausend Namen in den Sand!
Das Meer...

Larry said...

She is adorable! :)

wolfgang said...

Yes, Phoebe must be adored!